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For over 30 years Hot Spring Spas has led the industry in state-of-the-art design and energy-efficient performance.

As your authorized local dealer for Hot Spring spas, we are pleased to bring you the world’s number one selling brand in hot tubs. Come experience for yourself how Hot Spring Spas deliver the absolute best lifetime hot tub ownership experience.

Relieve stress. Sleep better. Feel younger. Total relaxation. Quiet time. There are hundreds of reasons you might be thinking about buying a hot tub! And with all of the brands, options and information out there, shopping for a new hot tub can be a totally overwhelming experience. So why add more stress to your life? Let the professionally trained sales team at Atlantic help make the shopping process less stressful. Be sure to check out the Hot Spring website and find several useful tips on how to buy a hot tub, and important questions to ask along the way.

Discover what ancient cultures knew millennia ago – immersion in hot water can be good for the body, mind and spirit. Besides providing a relaxing hydrotherapy experience, hot tubs and portable spas provide many health benefits, especially for people suffering from arthritis, diabetes, and sleep deprivation. A long, soothing soak in a Hot Spring Spa could be just what the doctor ordered. Whether it’s to unwind from the complexities of everyday life or to soothe sore muscles and joints caused by sports or minor strains, a Hot Spring spa can help spa users feel better — naturally.

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