Covers & Accessories

Hot Tub Covers:

Is your hot tub cover looking tired or getting heavy? No worries, we can help with a new cover right from the manufacturer! If you own a Hot Spring Highlife, Hot Spring Limelight, Solana, Hot Spot, Caldera or Tiger River Spa we can order your new cover directly from the factory. If you don’t have one of these brands, you will want to reach out to your local dealer to place a cover order as we only order covers from the manufacturers listed above.

Click here to learn more about Hot Spring’s covers and color options.

Click here to learn more about Caldera’s covers and color options.

Spa Accessories:

You’ve got the perfect spa…but what about the right accessories? Where are you going to hang those towels and robes? How can you enjoy a summer soak and not get sunburned? Where do you put your smartphone when you’re in the spa? We’ve got you covered! Check out these cool accessories that take your hot tub experience from ordinary to extraordinary!

CoverValet Spa Umbrella $469 

CoverLifters $199-595 (call for details on sizing and installation)


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