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For 35 years, Atlantic Spas and Billiards has been your resource for family fun and relaxation! And, now we are pleased to offer you a variety of top-notch specialty grills! More than ever people are staying home to cook a healthy dinner instead of going out to eat. Families are expanding their indoor living rooms and kitchens into the outdoors to make use of our fantastic climate. We’re committed to bringing you unique, high-quality specialty grills that are unique will be easy to maintain and make you the envy of all your neighbors!

We stock pellets in the Green Mountain Gold Blend, Texas BBQ Blend, Applewood Blend, and Fruitwood Blend flavors. And we have a large variety of the Memphis Grill pellets as well. Call for an up to date inventory of what we have in stock! Check out our great selection of rubs, sauces and flavored wood chips, in stock year ’round! We also carry natural charcoal in a variety of sizes, and grilling accessories like rib racks, chicken stands, and pizza stones!

The Grill Grate and Grilling Accessories

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GrillGrate prevents flare ups on the grill, no matter the grill style, by using the Original Raised Rail Design that creates the perfect Infrared cooking surface! Enjoy juicier meats and perfect sear marks without all the mess of traditional grilling surfaces. The GrillGrate will fit on top of your existing grate or can be used to replace an older style grate. GrillGrate is available in a multitude of shapes and sizes to fit every kind of grill. Charcoal, ceramic, pellet or gas…whatever grilling surface you have, the GrillGrate will fit! A series of interlocking panel snap together to fit your existing grill surface. Worried about clean-up? There’s no need, the GrillGrate goes in the dishwasher!

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