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Splish Splash Jet Cleaner and Deodorizer


1 Gallon Clean, condition and maintain your entire whirlpool tub and system - inside and out - with a single product. Formulated for cleaning and deodorizing premium jetted tubs in hotels, healthcare, nursing homes, hospitals, health clubs and fitness centers, and other institutions where whirlpool and hydrotherapy tubs are found. Splish Splash Whirlpool Cleaner and Deodorizer was developed especially for whirlpool tubs. You can be assured our whirlpool tub cleaner will not harm your tubs finish and/or components of your whirlpool’s piping system. This product breaks up and removes minerals, iron and calcium deposits found in the piping system, returning the whirlpool tub’s water flow to full capacity.

Weight 8.3 lbs

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