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Hot Tub Serum Maintenance Liquid is designed as a weekly addition to your current sanitization regiment. The use of Hot Tub Serum Maintenance helps to flush out the bacteria that your current sanitizers can’t. It reaches down deep into the plumbing of the hot tub to help prevent the reoccurrence of contaminants that can plague every hot tub. The weekly use of Hot Tub Serum Maintenance will help to keep the water crystal clear, soft and clean. It will also aid to help prevent the occurrence of white water mold and control the swings in PH.

How To Use

We recommend that you start by using Hot Tub Serum Total Cleanse before draining and refilling your spa and prior to using Swim Spa Serum.

Add 1fl Ounce (30ml) per 100 Gallons every 7 days. Try to add on the same day every week. If excess foaming occurs reduce dosage accordingly. Small amounts of foaming after application is normal. Always balance your hot tub water to industry standard level.

Balance the water 

Total Alkalinity 40 – 80 ppm

pH 7.4 – 7.8

Calcium Hardness 150 – 400

Make sure your filter cartridges are installed. Make sure that they are clean or new if starting with Swim Spa Serum. Refill with fresh water and start your swim spa following the directions in your swim spa order manual.

After balancing, shock the water with EPA approved sanitizer. Add an approved sanitizer as per your swim spa serum retailers recommendation and directions. always maintain recommended sanitizer levels. Use Swim Spa Serum total maintenance weekly. Add 1 ounce per 500 gallons once per week.

Typically a 2,000 gallon spa will last about 8 weeks (2 months) with our 0.946 liter bottle.

Add Hot Tub Serum total maintainance product weekly as per the directions (same day every week – do not over does?

Maintain sufficient sanitizer in your swim spa at all times. DO NOT LET SANITIZER RUN OUT.

Rinse your filter cartridge(s) weekly with pressure water to remove organic contaminates.

If your spa water is cloudy / foaming / yellow / green / smells: Your should shock the water and increase sanitizer level. If poor water conditions persist, clean your cartridge filters – soak and rinse

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