Sauna Cleaner 1 Liter


Sauna Clean solution cleans all types of sauna woods and steam baths. This product is engineered to safely clean wood surfaces without degrading wood fibers, as most other cleaners (bleach, etc) can that are not designed for use on wood. Keep sauna benches and wall paneling fresh. Dilutes with water, so one bottle may last years for residential use or months for commercial use depending on usage requirements. Dilute 2 capfuls of sauna clean to 5 Liters (or 1.32 gallons) of water. After cleaning a sauna with this product, simply turn on sauna for 1 hour to thoroughly dry with vents open before resuming sauna use.

Sauna clean is an environmentally friendly odor eliminator / cleaner and is 100% biodegradable. It helps keep sauna benches, paneling and duck board fresh and looking new by neutralizing bacteria which over time will darken wood surfaces if left uncleaned. Great for cleaning any wet areas, including bathrooms, saunas, gymnastic halls, shower rooms, locker rooms and steam baths, etc. This quality product is imported from Finland.

Important Tips: Traditional saunas made with a wood paneled interior should never be “hosed down” with excessive water to clean. This will only promote bacterial growth and significantly increase deterioration of wood fibers. Some saunas have a floor drain installed which is meant for thoroughly cleaning the floor only and is helpful when the sauna water bucket is spilled. The basic idea of cleaning sauna woods consists of a cleaning bucket with diluted ‘sauna safe’ cleaner and a scrub brush. Best to clean sauna just after using it, then use a dry towel to wipe up excess water. Prop the door open about 1 foot and as the sauna cools it will help evaporate to dry the woods.


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