Paraffin oil


Sauna Wood Oil Treatment kit is safe for all sauna rooms in residential and commercial saunas. This Paraffin oil is pure and completely free of color, fragrance and toxins. Protects all types of sauna woods (cedar, hemlock, red wood, etc.). Keep sauna benches and wall paneling protected by not allowing excess moisture to soak into wood fibers. Sauna Wood Oil Treatment is an environmentally friendly and is an all natural Paraffin base product, solvent-free. Usage instructions are included with the treatment.

This 1 Liter bottle of Sauna Wood Oil Treatment covers paneling and bench woods in a very small sized sauna, approx. 3′ x 4′ x 7′. OR just protect benches with 1 bottle coverage for sauna bench layouts up to approx. 8 x 10′ sauna room. Various types of wood will absorb oil differently, so product may treat larger sauna. Non-toxic oil is so safe it does not even require the use of protective gloves. The sauna wood treatment 1 liter bottle includes the instruction sheet.┬áPer instructions recommended applicator tools are a 2″ Foam Brush and 3×5″ Sponge for application.

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