Ozone Detection Kit


This is a single, simple 30 second test to detect ozone in your ozonator tubing and spa system. This Ultra Pure ozone detection kit can confirm if the ozonator is still working correctly, or if it is time to exchange either the ozonator or the CD chip depending on what type of ozone generator is installed.

Hot Tub retailers don’t usually do a good job of explaining that the ozonators only last for 3-5 years.

This ozonator test assumes that the ozone generator is getting power. It receives the power signal from the spa electronics/circuit board when the system calls for ozone. This usually occurs during the filter cycle.

Some retailers may think that it is enough to let customer know about an “on” light, or to check for bubbles etc.., but that does not tell the whole story of if the ozonator is actually producing ozone.

The bubbles may look nice, but it could just be air if the ozone generator is not functioning properly.

Do you seem to be spending more time updating the chemical balance in the water. Is the water quality not as nice as it used to be?  Check your ozonator to be sure.

30 second inline ozone test

The New 30 Second Ozone Detection Kit
It’s just 3 easy steps. Find out if the ozone generator is working with this easy to use test kit.

If the ozone generator is producing sufficient levels of ozone, it will bleach the blue indicator material inside the glass tube to white. If the blue indicator material stays blue during the test, that means the ozone generator is not producing enough ozone and it’s time for a new ozonator or ozone chip replacement.

3 Easy Test Steps:

  1. Turn the power to the spa off: Insert the Ozone Detection Tube inline with suction jet tube as per directions.
  2. Turn the spa and ozonator on for 30 seconds. (Some ozonators will only come on during the filter cycle).
  3. If the complete detection tube went from Blue to White – Ozone is present!

You’re Done!

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