Leisure Time Reserve


Leisure Time Reserve is a specially formulated mix of bromide salts that becomes a powerful bromine sanitizer when combined with Leisure Time Renew. Not only is this two-part system completely chlorine-free, but there are no unpleasant side effects typically associated with other non-chlorine sanitizing systems. This product is a 100% bromine sanitizer and comes in an easy to use liquid formula. Keep your spa sanitized with Reserve.


4 oz per 250 gallons of water per week.



  1. Treat the spa with Metal Gon according to its label directions.
  2. Add Reserve (4 oz./250 gallons of spa water) directly into the spa while circulating the water to assure rapid and thorough distribution.

  3. Add Renew to activate the bromide bank for a bromine residual.


Sodium Bromide: 32.18%, Other Ingredients: 67.82%

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