Great Barrier Single Filter For Garden Hose


Hot Tub Replacement Part Great Barrier Great Water Filter. All Purposes, Pool, Spa, Hot Tub, Aquarium, Or Car Wash. Easy assembly. Just attach it to your garden hose!

  • This item is a 1-Piece Great Barrier Great Water Filter
  • Reduces sediments, dirt, grit, non-dissolved solids
  • Great for pools, spas, pets, RV, fish tanks, car wash bucket
  • Premium quality that will outlast most other brands of filters
  • Simply connect the Great Carbon Filter to a garden hose and fill anything with fresh, pure water.  Designed to reduce or eliminate a variety of known contaminants including:
    Organic Chemicals
    -In-organic Chemicals
    -Suspended Solids
    -Heavy Metals
    -Lead, Mercury, Arsenic and more.
    Filter Capacity: 7,500 gallons; 28,00 Liters  
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