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You don’t want chalk marks on your newly painted wall, do you? Of course not. It’s never a good idea to set your cue against the wall. That’s why you need a floor or wall rack for all your billiard cues. We have a variety of floor and wall racks, ranging from simplistic racks that only hold cues, to deluxe racks that can also hold the balls, balls racks, and chalk. Want something with a little personality? No problem. We even offer cue racks that feature painted characters and we can custom match your cue rack to match your pool table.

We have a nice in-stock selection of floor and wall racks. Please call ahead to check availability. To learn more about our various cue racks, please contact Atlantic Spa & Billiards today, or stop by one of our showrooms in Raleigh or Wilmington! Local delivery and installation is available for an additional fee. All custom orders require a 50% deposit and must be paid for in full before delivery. All custom orders sales are final.

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