Top Five Friday: Caldera Hot Tubs


It’s time for our first installment of Top Five Friday, a new bi-weekly feature that will take a look at the top five products, tools, features, etc… pertaining to Atlantic Spas and Billiards and our retailers. We’ll kick things off with the top five hot tubs made by Caldera.

5. Cantabria – Best for large families, the Cantabria comfortably seats 8 adults. With 74 total jets, there are a multitude of therapeutic options, ensuring that you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect jet that hits the right spot. Plus, the lounger seat has it’s own controls and jet pump, giving you personal therapy for your body.

4. Martinique – Described as “the perfect four seater,” the Martinqiue offers a comfortable lounger designed to really work the legs while also giving you plenty of room on the sides. If you’re intimidated by bigger tubs, but want all the benefits of one, the Martinique is sure to fit your needs. A Consumers Digest Best Buy.

Capture3. Salina – Want a large hot tub but don’t feel like dealing with a ton of jets? Look no further than the Salina. With plenty of leg room and seat options, the Salina is a great tub to entertain guests or the family. It doesn’t have the therapeutic options of the Cantabria, but with so many open seats available, you’re sure to find the right one for you.

2. Niagara – With an open seating arrangement, the Niagara is similar to the Salina, but with three major differences. First, the Niagara offers a blower motor, which the Salina does not. Second, the Niagara has more jet variety. Finally, the Niagara has an hybrid lounger that is very unique. If you want an open tub, but also want therapy options and benefits, the Niagara is certainly worth your consideration.

1. Tahitian – Simply put; the perfect size hot tub. This 7′ x 7′ spa not only offers great space, but it has all the therapeutic options and power of the larger size models. With a full size lounger and a top-notch foot massage, the Tahitian works all parts of your body, relieving any stress that the day may bring you. When it comes down to it, the Tahitian is without a doubt the way to go when shopping for a Caldera spa.

If you would like to know more about these spas you can always visit or call/stop by our Raleigh or Wilmington store for more information.

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