Summer + Hot Tubs

Every year, about this time I get the same question…“Can I keep my spa water cooler in the summer?”
And here’s my answer: Sure, it’s possible to lower your spa’s temperature during the summer months. But it’s important to remember that you bought a hot tub, not a cool tub. If your hot tub is set to 90 degrees in the summer and you keep you cover closed (and vented)* you can enjoy using it year round. In the hot summer months, it’s unrealistic to think that you could maintain a water temperature below about 90 degrees, unless your spa is in a cool, covered area. Many spas will actually trip off to prevent “overheating” if you set the water temperature too low, so try to be realistic with your desired temperature settings in the summer months. I recently had a customer tell me that they freeze a gallon of water in a jug and place it in the spa as soon as they get in during the summer months nad that actually keeps it a bit cooler…I have not tried this myself, but it sounds like a fun idea!
*Tip: Vent your cover by placing two bottle caps on opposite sides of the spa’s shell before closing the cover. By allowing any excess heat that may be building up under the cover to escape, you can keep the tub cooler.
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