Summer Hot Tub Tips!

During the summer, you might want to vent your cover to prevent overheating.  

Why, you might ask, is this important?

Many hot tubs have preventative temperature sensors that monitor your hot tub’s performance. If the outside, ambient temperatures exceeds 95 degrees and your hot tub is set for 90 degrees, you might find that your hot tub cuts off or stops circulating…which can lead to cloudy water and serious frustration!

Try keeping a couple bottle caps or foam blocks under the hot tub cover, you will allow any excess heat that gets trapped under the hot tub cover to vent out and maintain the temperature you desire. It’s not realistic to think you can keep a hot tub at 75 degrees during the summer…after all it is a hot tub. But keeping your hot tub at 90-95 degrees and venting your cover during heat waves can make your life a lot easier and your hot tub time much more enjoyable!

As tempting as it might be to use your spa’s “Summer Timer” or “Summer Mode” be aware that these settings greatly reduce the filtration, circulation and ozone capabilities.

Summer is also a great time to drain and refill your spa. If it’s been a while since you did a deep clean on your spa, consider picking  up a bottle of Splish Splash or Jet Clean to clean the plumbing lines of your hot tub before refilling it. Organic build up can settle in your spas plumbing lines and cause funky smells, cloudy water and even skin irritation. So a deep clean once a year can prevent a lot of frustration during peak hot tubs season. SHOP our online store for the best cleaning products available for your hot tub.

If you’re too busy this summer to clean your hot tub yourself, no worries we now offer Spa Valet Services! Call us today and we can have your hot tub cleaned, polished, filled and ready for use in just a couple of days.

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