Hot Tub Tip Thursday: Spa Lock

Locking your spa is a common problem. Maybe you hit the wrong button or the kids were messing with the control panel. Whatever the reason may be, it’s certainly an everyday occurrence among hot tub owners. The spa lock feature is designed to lock the control panel so others can’t mess with the lights, jets, and temperature settings. It’s a useful feature if you like things a certain way and are the only one using the hot tub on a regular basis. However, if many people use the tub, the spa lock feature becomes a headache for those who don’t know how to disable it.

That’s why we’re here to help. Below are photos straight from your owners manual that will help you unlock your spa.

Hot Spring Tub



Caldera Utopia Series



Caldera Paradise Series



If your control panel looks different than any of these models, please consult your owners manual. If you’ve misplaced your owners manual, you can access them online through Hot Spring or Caldera.

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