Hot Tub Tip Thursday: Keep Your Tub Filled

It’s getting hot outside, which means you may not find as much use for your hot tub as you do in the winter. Your first thought is probably, “I should just drain my tub if I’m not going to use it.” Stop thinking. Don’t do that. You never want to keep your hot tub drained for a long period of time. During the winter, the pipes can freeze, which leads to cracks and leaks. During the summer, your gaskets can dry up (MORE LEAKS!) and your hot tub may acquire some mold and other nasty slime and grime.

Even if you’re not using the tub, leave water in it and keep it running. Just turn the temperature down. While you may save $20 a month during the summer by draining the tub and turning it off, you’re going to end up spending three times that if we have to come out there and repair a leak or replace a pump. You’ll also save a lot of cleaning time when you’re ready to use your hot tub again.


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