Hot Tub Tip Thursday: Cleaning The Shell

Whenever a customer drains their hot tub, they always want to clean their shell. It makes sense. The best time to clean the shell is when the hot tub is draining or already drained. However, they aren’t quite sure what to use. Have no fear, Atlantic Spas and Billiards is here to give you some tips.

For a deep surface clean, we recommend Off The Wall by Bioguard. This cleaner will dirt, stains, grime, etc… and give your spa a nice shine as well. For minor scratches and the like, the easiest thing to do put baking soda on a west sponge and use a little elbow grease. The best time to clean your tub is when the water is draining. That way the cleaners will run down into the tub and drain out with the rest of the water. After cleaning the shell, spray it off with the hose. Once again, the water and cleaner will run down into the water that is currently draining.

You can also use the baking soda/sponge method to clean your pillows. This is extremely important as your pillows can often times accrue mold.

If you have any other questions about cleaning your tub, you can always call us at 919-783-7447.

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