Hot Tub Tip Thursday: Clean Your Filter

We’re a day late, but not a tip short. Today we’ll give you the simplest solution to fixing your hot tub: clean your filter.

image3Almost once a day, someone calls in wondering why their hot tub won’t heat and asking when we can come out to take a look at it and remedy the problem. As much as Duane and Andy love fixing hot tubs, we’d hate to charge you for something you can do yourself.

A dirty filter prevents water from flowing into the heater, which causes the heater to simply shut off. To check and see if it’s a filtration issue, just remove your filter and see if your hot tub begins heating again. If it does, you either need to clean your filter or purchase a new one.

We recommend that you clean your filter at least once every other week, possibly more depending on how often you use the tub. To clean your filter, just hose is off with a spray hose or let it soak overnight in a filter cleaner. Try to avoid filter cleaner spray as it can cause your water to foam up once then filter is back in the tub.

Other reasons to clean your filter:

*Less stress on the pipes and motors

*Prevents flow errors and issues

*You don’t want funky smells in your tub, do you?

Cleaning or replacing your filter isn’t going to be the solution every time. But it could save you a phone call and some money.

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