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Wood-Line Table

Fusion Tables

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Fusiontables beautifully combine nature and design with a sleek and minimalistic style that's perfect for your entertaining space. The Woodline components make it easy to blend family fun with your surroundings and home decor. Simply slide the wooden top on for regular table functionalities, or slide it off for a night of friendly competition. Visit our Raleigh or Wilmington, NC showroom and browse our wide selection of Fusiontables today!

Table outside dimensions
2.30 m x 1.34 m ; height : 0.75 m
52.8” x 90.6”; height: 29.5”

Playing area
1.92 m x 0.96 m
37.8” x 75.6”

Minimal room dimensions*
4.38 m x 3.42 m
171” x 134”
(*) With Premium Aramith accessory kit.

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