White Powder Coated Table

White Powder Coated Table
Fusion Tables

The clean and sleek design of the White Powder Coated table complements all style rooms from modern and industrial to farmhouse and traditional. Its eccentric build allows the accessories to be stored on the table while the void between the tops and the slate stores cues and racks. Unique patent-pending ball-slides move above the stretch cloth to allow balls to be stored right in the pockets without stretching out. Take your leisure to the next level with Atlantic Spas & Billiards’ Fusiontables selection. Visit our Raleigh or Wilmington showroom today!

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Table outside dimensions:
2.30 m x 1.34 m ; height : 0.75 m 52.8” x 90.6”; height : 29.5”

Playing area:
1.92 m x 0.96 m 37.8” x 75.6”

Optimal room dimensions:
* 4.90 m x 3.95 m 192” x 154” (*)With Standard & Pro-Cup Aramith accessory kits.

Minimal room dimensions:
* 4.38 m x 3.42 m 171” x 134” (*) With Premium Aramith accessory kit.

Metal Frame color:
RAL9003 White/Gloss:30% (satin)

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