Grey Powder Coated Table

Grey Powder Coated Table
Fusion Table

Transform your space with the sleek, European design of the Grey Powder Coated table from Fusiontables. Crafted with an aluminum color and framed for strength and stability so you can enjoy it for years to come. Built for convenience, all pool accessories will fit on the table without anyone ever knowing what lies underneath. The system requires no maintenance and has a patent pending auto-lock auto-level feature assuring perfect balance, and maximum stability in its upper position. To learn more about our Fusiontables, visit our Raleigh or Wilmington showroom today!

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Table outside dimensions
2.30 m x 1.34 m ; height : 0.75 m
52.8” x 90.6”; height: 29.5”

Playing area
1.92 m x 0.96 m
37.8” x 75.6”

Optimal room dimensions*
4.90 m x 3.95 m
192” x 154”
(*)With Standard & Pro-Cup Aramith accessory kits.
Minimal room dimensions*

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