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Natural Water Care

We’re committed to helping our customers save time and money by promoting several natural water care solutions for hot tubs! Atlantic Spas and Billiards is proud to be an exclusive dealer for  SilkBalance™ water care.

Silk Balance

atlantic spas and billiardsAtlantic Spas and Billiards is proud to be an exclusive dealer for Silk Balance water care solutions! If you’ve ever experienced dry, itchy skin after using your hot tub, you probably wished that there was an alternative to the harsh chemicals you are used to… perhaps something that made the water feel silky smooth? Well, now there is an answer!

If you are looking to get rid of all the bottles and bins of smelly, harsh chemicals and spend more time relaxing in your hot tub…Silk Balance is the answer!

Crystal clear water is just one step away and it couldn’t be easier to use, no awkward testing, measuring, adjusting, etc. You can expect that your skin will feel soft and silky and you will notice a clean, refreshing scent after soaking in water treated with Eco-friendly Silk Balance. Sound too good to be true? Well, it’s not! Just one dose a week will keep your hot tub water balanced and ready for immediate use.

By making it difficult for bacteria to grow, Silk Balance is extremely effective at providing continuous pure water. Using a unique technology called BDT© — BioFilmDispersion Technology — that inhibits bacteria growth, Silk Balance gets rid of the food source that bacteria needs to survive. The all-natural formula works immediately to adjust pH, alkalinity and calcium hardness to levels just right for your hot tub. Say goodbye to pH up/down, calcium hardness increaser, alkalinity adjusters…get ready to adopt the “less is more” theory! Enjoy more time IN your hot tub and less time maintaining it. This water care system is truly the purest, easiest method for maintaining healthy, clean water!

But, don’t listen to us…read a few customer reviews and decide for yourself if you think Silk Balance is a good fit for you! We’re impressed, and we think you will be too!

ACE Salt Water System

atlantic spas and billiards
Experience luxurious water through diamond technology.
Enjoy the absolute best lifetime ownership experience with Hot Spring® spa and the ACE salt water sanitizing system. Hot Spring® has revolutionized the way hot tub owners care for their water by offering the first and only integrated salt water sanitizing system using diamond technology. The ACE system automatically generates five cleaners for an easier, more hands-free approach to water care.

Advanced Engineering and Innovation

Generates Five Cleaners
The ACE system has a diamond electrode that breaks apart water molecules to create activatlantic spas and billiardse oxygen. Active oxygen is one of the world’s most effective natural cleaners and is the first way the ACE system cleans the water. The active oxygen then combines with salt and other elements in the water to create chlorine and three other powerful oxidizers.

Automated and More Hands-Free

Since the ACE system uses salt and water to automatically generate cleaners, you’ll have fewer bottled products to measure and pour. This moor hands-free approach saves you time, so it’s easier than ever to care for your Hot Spring® spa.
To get started, just add the appropriate amount of salt to balanced water. Using the easy-to-navigate menus on the spa’s main control panel, enter your spa’s size and your expected use level. Simply check the sanitizer level regularly with a test strip, and confirm your use level monthly. A status message on the control panel lets you know that the ACE system is cleaning the water so you can relax.

Softer Cleaner Water

Looks, Feels and Smells Great
The ACE salt water sanitizing system leaves your spa water sparkling clean and silky soft. The cleaners are generated from salt and water, so you’re less likely to experience the dry itchy skin, irritated red eyes, or harsh odor of traditional chlorine water care.

Environmentally Responsible

Earth Smart LogoThe ACE system generates the precise amount of cleaners your Hot Spring spa requires based on its size and your use level. Since there are no excess chemicals, which often occurs with manual dosing, your spa water should last longer between changes. That conserves water and saves you money. When you do drain your spa the water has less impact on the environment because only salt has been added to the balance water.

Please call or stop by one of our showrooms and let one of sales professionals answer all of you water care questions!

Find answers to ACE Salt System frequently asked questions here. Or, if you would like to download the owner’s manual, click here. And for an ACE quick reference start-up guide, click here.


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