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Williard’s Cue Tip Shaper .358″ Dime Radius


  • Purpose - The Willard Cue Tip Shaper is designed to quickly and accurately reshape your cue tip to the perfect dime radius of 0.358 in. every time.
  • Precision - With the Willard Shaper you'll be able to maintain a perfect and consistent curved dime radius necessary to accurately hit the ball.
  • Design - The carbon brazed steel grit on the inside of the domed shaped interior is designed to ensure a lifetime of reliable usage. The guage design on the side of every Willard Shaper is made as a precise indicator in measuring the perfect cue tip shape. All Willard cue tip shapers are met by our high manufacturing standards at our manufacturing and assembly plant in Lincoln, NE, USA.
  • Portable - At a diameter of 1-1/2" the Willard Cue Tip Shaper is small enough to take with you on the go, and by using the punched hole on the side of the Willard Shaper you can easily carry your shaper on a key chain.
  • Use - By holding the Willard dime Shaper in the palm of your hand and pushing the carbon grit down on the cue tip of your cue moving the shaft of your cue back and forth in a clockwise and counterclockwise motion you'll be able to quickly return your cue tip to the perfect dime radius. By using the guage on the side of the Willard and placing it on the top of the cue tip you'll be able to determine if it's the perfect dime radius if no light passes through the gap between the Willard and cue tip

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