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The Felt Saver by Cue Candy


The Felt Saver by Cue Candy is a brilliant billiard cloth cleaner. The felt saver is a versatile cleaning tool that can be used anywhere and on many different surfaces. This is a reusable felt cleaner featuring adhesive material tough enough to pull stubborn pet and chalk dust from your table without damaging or wearing out the cloth. No more brushes that just push dirt and debris around your table, let the Felt Saver quickly and completely clean the surface of your table. The Felt Saver also features:

  • Adhesive Roller, picks up any debris
  • Reusable cleaner, just simply swipe, rinse and dry
  • Cleans all types of furniture fabrics
  • Easy to hold handle when rolling
  • Use anywhere - Travel or Home
  • Includes plastic cover to store when not in use

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