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RocketFire Grill Torch


RocketFire is the fastest fire starter on the market, featuring advanced technology to light charcoal and wood piles in just seconds— no matches, kindling, or liquids required.

Choose from multiple flame types based on your unique needs: the Tri-Flame Cone Tip for even lighting or the 10” flame for a sous vide finish. RocketFire has an output of 25,000 BTUs and lights wood or charcoal in a matter of seconds. This stainless steel tip spreads flames further than any other firestarter by creating a 60-degree tri-flame spread.

Use the attached rawhide lanyard to easily hang your RocketFire at your cooking station.

Enjoy more than 50-70 lights from a variety of convenient fuel choices, including MAPP or propane gas, available at your local hardware store. Fuel not included.

RocketFire was created with 5 years of safety and design testing features a high-quality design using stainless steel, brass and carbon fiber. Hear the roar of a rocket in one click, and instantly become the talk of the party.

  • Lights Fires in Seconds
  • Patented Tri-Flame Cone Tip
  • Portable Design
  • Flexible Fuel Sources
  • Continuous Fuel Flow


Classic Black, Kamado Red

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