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Cue Cube w/ Keychain


Product instructions: Shaper Side: Apply short flicking upward strokes or hold steady while slowly turning cue. This provides precise tip shaping with an automatic radius, giving the player ultimate ball control. Scuffer Side: Apply light back and forth strokes across the cue tip (similar to chalking). This fluffs the tip to hold chalk better and prevent miscues.

  • The original Cue Cube with keychain is skillfully crafted in the USA using solid metal and silicon carbide for durability
  • It provides precise cue tip shaping and scuffing to give players ultimate ball control
  • Unique design provides automatic nickel (.418") radius on shaper side. Scuffer side lightly fluffs up the tip to better hold chalk and prevent miscues
  • Cue Cubes with keychain are available in a variety of popular colors
  • Great for any Pool Player


Pink, Red

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