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Just joined a league and need a great starter cue, look no further than the Action brand of pool cues. The Action Fractal ACT154 pool cue reminds us a bit of ocean waves with the Walnut and aqua points that are outlined in white veneers.  Follow down the forearm with the double dashed rings, all black Irish linen wrap and finishing with a beautiful Walnut with aqua eboxy resin in the butt sleeve.  Easily get spin and draw off the cueball with the 13mm Action layered tip. As with all Action cues, this cue is weight changeable and can be adjusted to any weight.
Action Pool Cues
Tip: 13mm 7 layered Boarskin
Ferrule: 1" fiber linen
Shaft: 29" Hardrock maple, 10-12" Pro Taper
Collar: White with black and silver ring
Pin: 5/16x18
Piloted: No
Forearm: Walnut with aqua and white points and veneers graphic transfer
Wrap: Black Irish linen with double silver rings with dashes on each side
Sleeve: Walnut with aqua epoxy resin design
Plate: White with black Action logo
Bumper: Black rubber


19oz, 20oz

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