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Relocation Services

A word of advice…don’t ever try to pick up and move your pool table, they weigh over 700 lbs!!! Even when your buddy says “yeah, we got this” pause for a second and call Atlantic Spas and Billiards. Our seasoned professionals have been trained and certified to handle your pool table with the utmost care and precision, whether you are moving across the state or just looking to move your table to another room in your house, we’ve got you covered!

Pool tables are designed to be broken apart and moved piece by piece. And lets face it, it’s a game of precision so not just anyone can put it back together and get it leveled correctly. In fact, most moving companies won’t touch pool tables and shuffleboard tables because they are not trained on how to move and install them properly. Our professionally trained billiards installers can disassemble your table and relocate it to a new location where it can then be reassembled, re-leved  and ready for play in it’s new home. We even offer monthly storage for homeowners needing to store their pool tables and shuffleboard.

So whether you are buying a table from a friend or selling your home and need the pool table or shuffleboard table moved to your new home, we can help. Please call for a personalized quote on relocating your pool table or shuffleboard table today!

Prior to calling, please have answers to the following questions as you will be asked:

*What kind of table is it? What is the Brand, make and model?

*Is the table currently set up for play?

*What size is the table?

*Where is the table going to and from (city)?

*Does the table have to go up or down a flight of stairs (additional cost may incur)?

*Does the table have a ball return or is it an antique table (additional cost may incur)?


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