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Pearl Watercare 2pk. Pearl Watercare 2pk.

Pearl Watercare 2pk.


Pearl Watercare 2pk. Description

The 2pk. contains 2 34oz. bottles. The Pearl Watercare™ hot tub product is dermatologically tested and approved for your skin. Pearl Watercare™ will leave your skin soft and smooth, and keep your spa odor free. It is a simple once a week “shake and pour” solution to be added to your hot tub. Our product is so naturally safe and non-poisonous, it has international NSF safety ratings for use with food and drinking water treatment. Pearl Watercare™ has no heavy metals or oxidizers, yet it is so effective it will lift out and prevent many of the main issues causing the growth and colonization of bacteria and slime inside your pipes.

The results speak for themselves, hassle free natural chemistry that creates amazing results, in less time, with less guesswork, using a lot less harmful chemicals.

Try it for yourself, we know that the difference in your hot tub water will have a noticeable feel, smell and touch that you will find remarkable.


Pearl Watercare 2pk. Information

Weight 0.12 lbs
Dimensions 1 x 1 x 1 cm